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The Bae Bag supports Fair Trade
for Maker Mom's in Kenya.
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Bae Liles

Bae Liles conceives products with consideration toward management, maintenance, economical use of space, time, purpose and cost. We push these principles to their boundaries to create products that are minimal, multi-purposeful, quality and made by people with whom we have relationships and know are paid a livable wage.

Designed in Austin TX, this global business venture integrates a 100% women workforce. Bae Liles also features a line of easy-to-wear dresses (made in the USA) with a portion of sales from each dress directly invested into the production of the Bae Bag.

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The Bag
A black and white canvas tote made with all natural dyes and a beautifully crafted, soft leather handle for easy carry. The Bae Bag is ideal for travel - or a day of shopping - with plenty of room for all of your essentials.
“Maker Moms” in Kenya
In 2010 Ubuntu Life organized and set up a shoe factory in Kenya with the proceeds funding a medical facility to help special needs kids and their moms who were shunned in the village. The maker moms aged out of caring for kids and wanted something to do. Ubuntu Life reorganized equipment and paired the maker mom talents with Bae Liles production needs to produce bags. Production was fast and fun as the women sent photos and videos as they perfected production.

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